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Fabulous hair flips

Beautiful hair inspiration

From flirting, to showing your fashion sense, to even just being fabulous, the hair flip is an easy way to use your hair as an animated expression of how you're feeling. Here are a few hair flips with reasons how they can be used in a situations. Imagine the actions as you read along! THE I'm winning the argument flip so just stop trying. THE do not interrupt me wile i'm talking. THE I'm angry but i'm listening. THE i'm listening but not really. THE whatever see ya. THE this is my personal space. THE i new you were there but i'll act surprised to see you. AND THE well look who was right the hole time. Who would have thought you'd be able to see so much expression in the flip of your hair!

On the styling end of creating fabulous hair flips and volume my favorite products to use are Kevin.Murphy anti.gravity and powder.puff

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