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Reiki Sessions

60min - $100

90min-  $150

What to expect from a Reiki service!

During a Reiki service, you can expect a relaxing and gentle experience focused on balancing and harmonizing your energy. 

The session  begins with a brief consultation to discuss your specific needs, concerns, and goals. This allows Lisa to understand your unique situation and tailor the session accordingly.  Reiki is performed with the client fully clothed. You can wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement and relaxation.  Reiki is commonly performed on a massage table, where you lie face up. However, if you have any discomfort or prefer alternative positions, such as lying on your side, face down, or sitting in a chair, Lisa can accommodate your preferences.

A light touch  is typically used during the session. Lisa may place her hands lightly on or above specific areas of your body, focusing on energy centers (chakras) or areas of imbalance. However, Reiki can also be effectively administered without direct touch, as it primarily involves the flow of energy.

​Lisa will initiate the flow of healing energy by channeling it through her hands.  You may sense a gentle warmth or tingling sensation during the session.  If you have any specific concerns or physical limitations, Lisa can adapt the positions or techniques to ensure your comfort and well-being.

After the Reiki session, it is recommended that you allow yourself some time to integrate the healing process. This may involve resting, reflecting, or simply giving yourself space for the energetic shifts to settle. Drink plenty of water, as it can support the cleansing and balancing effects of the treatment.

It's important to note that individual experiences with Reiki can vary. Some people may feel immediate effects, such as reduced stress or increased vitality, while others may notice subtler changes over time. It's always beneficial to approach the session with an open mind and allow the healing energy to work in its own way and time.


Reiki is a form of alternative medicine developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy."

Reiki helps the body to balance itself from a very deep level. Your body can only heal when you're balanced. 

Treatments can feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.


"Reiki is love, Love is wholeness, Wholeness is balance, Balance is well being, Well being is freedom from disease." -Mikao Usui


60 & 90min options available

4 pack in person sessions 15% off 

4 pack distant sessions 10% off

(package must be used

in 30 days of purchase)


Distant Sessions

30min-  $55

60min - $95

90min-  $135

What to expect from Distant Reiki sessions & how to prep

Reiki is universal life force energy being channeled through Lisa to you. You don’t have to be in the same place to receive Reiki. The universal energy surrounds us all!


How it works: Set up an appointment time. You'll receive an email with a few questions. These questions are based on your 4 levels of being and will better help Lisa facilitate your healing session. You grant her permission to work with your energy. And email a recent photo of you.


What is worked on: The chakra system & your 4 levels (spiritual fields) of being. Physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual selves.


How to prepare for your session:
It is suggested during this time to get the most out of your session that you set aside 10 to 20min. to just relax. Whether it’s doing meditation, yoga, a walk in nature, a bubble bath, etc. Indoors or outdoors being in a comfortable space where you're able to let your thoughts drift away and just be. If that’s challenging you can try to focus on a sound around you. For example the birds chirping or the soft hum of a fan. Bring your awareness to your breath. Go with the flow, don't force anything. Let your body in it’s own divine timing sync up with it’s natural rhythm. Do not judge yourself. Honor yourself for exactly where you are & thank yourself for showing up for you.  Relax in this space for as long as you feel comfortable. It may be 5 to 10min, to a half hr. Or you may even fall asleep. Whatever that looks like for you, honor your body and go with it. Once your ready to come out of this space take 3 long deep breaths. Try imagining a protective field around you, keeping the flow of relaxation going.

If you have any crystals, stones, incense, or candles you like to work with bring this into your space during the session.  Set yourself up for ultimate relaxation.


After your session don't rush back into things. Take your time moving through the rest of your day or evening with awareness & peace as things may come up for you that you've been wanting to piece together.

If any feelings or sensations came up for you during the session this is completely normal. Everything settles and finds its place.

If you'd like to chat after your session please let Lisa know prior to your appointment so she can schedule accordingly 

Lisa is so deeply grateful to share this time and space with you all!

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