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About Lisa

Authentic beauty from the inside out


                            Lisa's journey in the beauty industry began at a young age. At just 15 years old, she started working as an assistant in a                                 salon, gradually working her way up to become a skilled stylist and colorist. Throughout her career, she honed her skills                               in some of the most renowned salons & spas in Fairfield County, Connecticut. However, driven by her entrepreneurial                                     spirit, Lisa eventually decided to take a leap and open her own salon in 2010. Through sheer hard work and dedication, her business flourished, becoming a remarkable success story.

Later on, Lisa made a life-changing decision to sell her business and pursue a dream of living on the west coast. This decision was driven by her belief in following one's heart and the freedom it brings to the soul. Embracing change and  new experiences, Lisa embarked on a new chapter in her life, ready to explore new opportunities and share her talents with  different communities.


 Based in Los Angeles, California, she furthered her career in these various fields, offering her services to clients who seek not only hair care but also holistic well-being.

Working with people while styling their hair has always been more than just a profession for Lisa. She naturally connects with her clients on a deeper level.  Being born a highly sensitive being her Clairs are very strong. With that comes deeply rooted intuition, making it an ease for her to connect with the deep wisdom &  knowings of ones soul. This creates a beautiful dance of energy exchanged throughout the service.  Leaving you not only looking great at the end of your time together but internally feeling aligned with the best version of you!  Lisa firmly believes that we are all here to love, learn, grow, and support one another on our individual journeys.

While Lisa is currently back on the east coast, with Miami Florida as her home base, she travels regularly to Los Angeles California, as well as Rhode Island. This bi-coastal lifestyle allows her to serve clients in different locations and share her expertise across multiple regions.

Clients have the opportunity to combine their hair service appointments with mini Reiki sessions for a holistic experience. Lisa also offers customized deeper dive sessions tailored to meet individual needs, helping clients create lives that feel  great on the inside and look amazing on the outside.

With her diverse skill set and dedication to holistic well-being, Lisa is committed to supporting her clients throughout their journeys in life, no matter which location she is currently serving.




Lisa's training and education as a hairstylist include Wella color, Kevin.Murphy, Kerastase, Aveda Academy, Bumble & Bumble, and La-Brasiliana Keratin treatments. She is certified in Dream Catcher hair extensions, enabling her to provide  services to her clients.

Trainings along Lisa's holistic path of personal growth & well being include Usui Reiki I and Holy Fire Reiki II, which she incorporates into her services. She also has knowledge in Shamanism through the Shamanism 101 Mastery of Awareness program. Furthermore, Lisa has completed the Amba Movement teacher training, allowing her to guide individuals through movement  and deep nourishment meditation practices that promote mind-body experiences leaving you feeling embodied in the authentic self.   Well- bing at its finest!

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