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Meditation is such an important practice to bring into your daily routine. Quieting the mind for even 5 minutes  a day can completely change your inner connection with self.

Some benefits you'll quickly notice are:

-reduces stress

-controls anxiety

-enhances self awareness

-improves sleep

-promotes emotional health

-helps control pain

-decreases blood pressure

-lengthens attention span

-can generate more kindness to self & others

-can reduce age related memory loss

-can help fight addictions 

Doesn't that sound amazing!

Being able to sit with yourself comfortably in your body is where you'll find the answers to so much in life.  Your body is a lot more intelligent than most give it credit to be. 

The more you practice meditation you'll naturally build up muscle memory and be able to let go slipping right  back into this space. 

Setting up your meditation space!

This plays an important part of creating a comfortable space that feels just right for you. You'll enjoy every meditation that much more.

This space will quickly start to feel like a high vibrational container. One for your body to relax, let go & drift into the beautiful space beyond those thoughts in your mind. Beyond the beyond!


In person guided meditation

Online guided meditation

Setting up your meditation space

For details on pricing and packages please contact me directly to set up a phone consultation. All services are customized to your specific needs. 

Options for in person & online meditation.

Guided meditation / Silent meditation /  Frequency meditation

Learn how to meditate with:

-The power of intentions

- the elements 

-binaural beats

- crystals

-what incense to burn 

-creating the perfect space

other offerings:

shamanic drumming

tuning forks


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