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Feminine Embodiment Coaching

Connect with your inner & outer goddess... Feel whole, complete, and grounded  in your body. Tap into the powerful source of who you really are.

What lights you up inside?

What makes you smile?

What ways you down?

Explore the depths of your soul, free your spirit, and learn to live in the wholeness of your authentic self!

1:1 Sessions

 For booking and pricing email or call to set up a consultation. Sessions are customized to your individual needs. Including  modalities listed below.


Learn how to connect with the element of air, fire, water, earth, through moment. They each have a great purpose in becoming fully embodied.


Learn how to make contact with your breath throughout your whole body.  Our breath is medicine.  Set it free, feel the inner expansion, and experience self healing. 

Deep Nourishment

Learn to drop into the body and let go. Guided inner body mediation.

A life long practice of living fully embodied

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Let's do it together!

Creating community and a space for us to just be

Be the light that you are

Be heard

Be fully supported

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