women   $75 & up

men   $45 & up

teen girls 13 to 17yrs   $60 & up

teen boys 13 to 17yrs   $35 &up

girls 5 to 12yrs    $45 & up

boys 5 to 12 yrs   $30

toddlers   $15 

baby’s first haircut complimentary w/photo



blowdry from $50 

la-brasiliana blowout $75

braiding from $45 

upwork from $85



consultation complimentary

glazing   $50

glaze & blowout $85

one process $100

bleach / tone roots $100 & up

bleach / tone full $100 per hr

men’s gray blending  $50

corrective color priced upon consultation



half head    $150

full head  $200 & up

with lowlight  $25 add-on

baliage  $20 (hair line)

baliage half $150 & up

baliage full $250

ombre  $125 & up

Keratin Treatments
keratin express   $150
original keratin  $250 & up
Conditioning Treatments
La-Brasiliana mask $30
w/ blowout $65
 Reiki infused  treatment $65  
w/ blowout $100
Hair Extensions

Priced upon consultation.

Specializing in Dreamcatcher

cylinder & tape in placement

Hair & Reiki

Go inward. Deeply nourish your body and soul on all levels while having your hair done. 

Reiki Infused Haircuts

includes haircut & 30min of Reiki customized to your needs

Women $125

Men $95

Teens $85

Kids $65

Shamanic Haircuts

includes drumming & hot oil treatment

Coming soon!


Wigs for Kids Cuts - 50% off

*50% off  haircuts and styles

*hair must be 12 inches long to donate

*hair that has been bleached or highlighted is not acceptable

*donation forms available online at 

Wedding Events

The perfect guy!

The perfect dress!

& the perfect hair for your wedding day!

Tell me more....


Reiki Sessions

30min-  $65

60min - $100

90min-  $150


What to expect from a Reiki service!

Each session starts with a brief consultation. 

The service is done on a massage table with the client fully clothed. Your typically lying face up throughout the service unless we need to customize things to your comfort. Reiki can also be received when lying on your side or face down as well as sitting in a chair. After your service, it is recommended that you allow yourself some time and space for the integration healing process to take its natural flow.


Reiki is a form of alternative medicine developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy."

It’s usually done by placing the hands in a series of positions over or slightly above the body. Which activates the relaxation response and help the body to balance itself from a very deep level. Your body can only heal when you're balanced. 

A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you.


"Reiki is love, Love is wholeness, Wholeness is balance, Balance is well being, Well being is freedom from disease." -Mikao Usui

Click on the link above for more information and to book an appointment. 

For the bride, bridal party and guests.

Prices customizes upon consultation.